Wealth and Tax Planning

Wealth and tax planning is the art of structuring your wealth and investments, whilst building and preserving it in order to transfer it to the next generation.

How do you manage all of your assets so they work and align in co-ordination, with your best interests?

How do you keep on track with taxes, business transformation and strategies, Trust and Estate planning, Philanthropic activities…So that it makes sense for you and your family?

It is easy to find specialists in specific disciplines, but it is rare to find a single quality organisation combining all of the above components together and effectively managing all affairs as a specialist, and working alongside your other advisers to deliver a truly comprehensive wealth plan… That’s what you get with HELMS.

Assets Protection – Wealth Preservation

As professional advisers, we are able to implement appropriate and bespoke asset protection strategies. Our long-term objective is to provide you with a unique solution to your personal circumstances, offering a stable asset base and ideally, prevent possible future dilemmas. From the analysis of multiple solutions like Private Trusts, Foundations and Private Label Funds, and taking into account Client specific situation/circumstance, we ensure that client’s assets are managed and structured in the most secure and efficient way in line with their interests.

Financial Planning

In this current climate of complex, evolving and ever-changing markets, increased and tightening of regulation, shifting in political and economic landscape and constant changes to tax requirements, it can be difficult to have full confidence and peace of mind when managing your financial life and affairs. Through our network of partners and team of advisors, HELMS is able to provide you with a proactive approach, and help you to identify key financial planning strategies in order to realize your life goals, financial objectives and prerequisites.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a key point in life… Many individuals wonder whether their assets, including any pension payments, will be enough to cover their needs of life after retirement. Our team of advisors and long-standing network enables us to actively support you through this important stage of your life by providing you with consistent, tailored and personal advice on retirement and pension matters. Working with our external and in-house experts, we will help you by designing comprehensive cash flow models that project your income and expenses, and therefore illustrate a clear picture that will answer your retirement demands.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is and can be one of the most challenging and difficult aspects of Wealth Planning to route. With this in mind, HELMS Relationship Managers work with a number of specialists who can offer the right technical insight and advise on all domestic and international issues involved with inheritance, in particular, corporate succession planning. We ensure that a client’s legacy is at the upmost of importance, safe, secure and efficiently transferred to their chosen beneficiaries.