Asset Management


We believe it requires dedicated expertise, trust, transparency, vision and commitment to help achieve client financial goals and security. We also understand the immense responsibility that we are entrusted with when managing clients assets and capital. As a team of professionals with a vast amount of asset management experience and expertise, we can also ascertain and appreciate that the best of investment and asset management talent is not limited to one talent, Investment Manager or geographic location/jurisdiction.

Once we create our client’s bespoke strategic/tactical portfolio allocation structure (with their financial objectives and risk/reward profile at its core), we conduct extensive research and due diligence before we take on the responsibility of mandating and contracting various selected Funds and Investment Managers to invest part of our client’s portfolio. This enables us to fully achieve our clients objectives and maximise alpha  generation. We recognise the benefits of being adaptable and flexible and have access to the best of managers in order to achieve sustainable superior investment results over the medium to long-term horizon.

Investment Approach

At HELMS our Asset Management approach is twofold. For the traditional Assets Classes Equity, Fixed Income and Cash (Money Market Instruments), we contract and mandate out to selective talented and highly successful Funds, Fund Managers and other External Investment Managers with excellent track records and a strong belief of realising our clients targeted returns and assuming as little risk as possible.

Why Mandate the management of Traditional Assets in our Clients’ Portfolio:
  1. Enables us the freedom and flexibility to select the best of talent in the Investment Management sector, from managers across the global investment market place
  2. It provides our clients a real and substantial opportunity to add to their diversification benefits, as their investments are spread across funds managed by different managers, different strategies and methodologies, different jurisdictions and with different styles
  3. To avoid any conflict of interest in respect to appointing or retaining a fund manager
  4. Control – Allows for us to change a manager at short notice if deemed necessary, without any charges, tax consequences or inconvenience to our clients


The second methodology we employ, is to focus on what we are best at. HELMS actively manages and deploys its expertise in Alternatives Investments. With a great amount of experience and knowledge in this space, HELMS take on bespoke/tailored discretionary, advisory and execution only mandates for; Real Estate, Private Equity/Venture Capital, Hedge Fund, Commodities, Collectibles, and other Real Asset Investments. With a team of professionals specialising in each sector, we are able to offer our clients the best market knowledge, research and proficiency in the best of investment products, vehicles, and opportunities to best place clients investments.


Alternative Investments

We believe that in an ever-changing and complex world, and an even more complicated traditional asset class market space with highly competitive Asset Managers, to truly add value to our clients’ portfolios, demands an open-minded, new approach to Alternatives and it’s role within portfolio construction and allocation.

We stand for tactically building Portfolios that are tailored to be efficiently diversified, (Alternatives exploit a unique set of alternative risk premia, in order to provide idiosyncratic sources of uncorrelated returns), robust to withstand uncertainty, and consistent performers (adding diversified return streams to an investment portfolio, as we know, can highly improve risk-adjusted returns). An allocation to Alternatives also offers a powerful instrument in the assembly of a more resilient portfolio, alpha driven but with Client objectives at heart.

Now, more so than ever, we believe that Alternative Investments have a deep-rooted core, fundamental and strategic role to play in building better and improved risk/reward profile for Client portfolios of the future.