Hedge funds

With a variety and vast range of advanced trading strategies, methodologies and further participation in non-traditional markets, hedge funds offer a level of diversification to our Client portfolios which are often difficult to locate and implement elsewhere through Alternative investments. With this in mind, HELMS actively hand picks top performing Hedge Funds to add value to its Alternative Allocation and strengthen performance results.

Why include Hedge Funds as part of your Portfolio
  • Hedge Funds offer a broad opportunity set fewer restrictions on investments.
  • Investments that are less correlated. This translates as investors may be less impacted by market extremes or volatility. Funds often have a beta of less than 1.
  • Hedge Funds employ trading strategies that seek out market inefficiencies and over-priced securities allowing highly skilled managers to add significant value over time.
Fund Strategies we consider making placements in
  • Equity – Long/Short
  • FX – Long/Short
  • Managed Futures
  • Global Macro
  • Distressed Debt
  • Multi-Strategy
  • Arbitrage – Fixed Income, Relative Value, Convertible
  • Credit Funds

Hedge Funds are a key mainstay of alternative investments, has grown steadily to over USD 3 trillion of industry assets spread across roughly thousands of funds. These include a wide variety of completely different strategies and methodologies, and by combining these different strategies with a great diversity of return drivers, our goal is to build sustainable risk-adjusted portfolios that show steady and superior income streams as well as diversifying returns.