Private Equity and Venture Capital


HELMS Invests (direct investments or placements via various strategy funds), advises and structures its Clients capital across strong quality companies within the EMEA region, to create long term sustainable value. We consider opportunities across the Private Equity spectrum and at different business stages. We raise and invest in opportunities requiring Venture Capital, Growth Capital, and Mezzanine Financing, to Leveraged Buyouts. Our investment concentration and approach for established and growth stage business spans across a wide range of industries, from Business Services, Retail, Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Industrials and Media/Film & Technology sectors. For early stage and venture capital commitments our Clients tend to focus and deviate more towards the Life Sciences & Healthcare, AI & Machine Learning, Fintech and Energy sectors.


For direct investments, we seek to strategically add value in our placements around the world in early stage, established and growth stage companies alike. We believe it is vital to play a role in assisting and supporting companies to fully realise their growth and value potential. We try to discover value by identifying great unique companies and enhancing their performance, minimising their risks and driving prospects by providing persevering capital and operational support to existing strong management teams. Our approach is to really help drive our portfolio companies grow successful core businesses, create new initiatives, make advancing acquisitions and upgrade
technologies/systems to support their long-term strategy and objectives.

Strategies employed include:
  • Enhancing capital structures
  • Ensuring top quality Senior management
  • Maximising operational efficiency
  • Driving growth through transformations
  • High quality, cash generative and stable businesses and/or assets with strong capital structures
  • Operating in low-medium volatility sectors and environments
  • Providing essential goods or services to non-cyclical sectors
  • Offering longer-term opportunities for strategic development

Here at HELMS, direct investments are more than about just providing funds and capital. We like to see and create the businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them, a stronger force, through various strategies of transformation. It is vital and core to the long-term success of the companies that we bring the expertise of our team, partners and technical advisers to provide strategic direction, guidance and support on a variety of operational advancements. These include, revenue, sales and profit growth, procurement, leadership and management development, cutting edge technology IT/Software optimization, energy sustainability, and employee health care, other benefits and incentives.

Other Services we offer include:
  • Deal Sourcing (First hand private market access and insights)
  • Market research
  • Advisory Services – Sector Expertise
  • Due Diligence
  • Fund Raising (Via Private placements or Institutional Funds)
  • Business Development – Grow your business through our network of strategic partnerships across various industries
  • Deal Execution – End to end comprehensive support in Private Equity investments

One Team
We seek and take pride in partnerships, that allow us to work closely and cooperatively with senior management teams and entrepreneurs that have strong track records of success. We really believe that the combination of our industry knowledge, investment experience, and operational expertise provides HELMS the advantage in identifying, ascertaining and creating solid
underlying value in investment opportunities.

Striving to Create Impact
We like to create real value by investing in organisations where our resources, calculated insight, global network of key relationships and operational support can drive positive change that unlocks the company’s maximum potential. In addition to benefiting our Investors, the advancements we implement in growth benefit all employees, local communities and other stakeholders. We are patient Investors with a mid to long term investment horizon to really reach our potential and create long lasting value which is sustainable; we are committed to achieving the best long-term output for our businesses and beneficiaries.

Comprehensive – Due Diligence
Our investment methodology is based on a strict rigorous and disciplined due diligence process in which we measure market and idiosyncratic risks while identifying the vital catalysts for increased added value. We shall only engage in friendly transactions and work with talented management teams to achieve substantial results. Our specialized team assist to maximize value by improving processes and various business functions across varied elements of operations.