Banking Services – First Class Custodians

We work with the leading Swiss and International private banks to be able to offer our clients the choice of the institution that they prefer to work with. Investments and cash are held in these custodian banks. Working with several banks gives us the possibility to access the best of breed solutions from selected.

We understand you have a complicated financial life. So you need banking that’s reliable, strong and powerful, but also personal. We can help you streamline and simplify the most important functions and features of banking at your disposal… Such as the ways you access your money anywhere in the world. We aim to ensure everything is as personalised and tailored as possible, so we make sure to bring you a team of bankers who know your preferences and requirements so that they can connect you to the right investing, credit and advisory specialists, whenever you need them…

Personal banking

The Client service team gets to know you on a personal level and manage your full relationship through us, we look at your entire financial picture to make banking more efficient, effective and more focused on your needs.

Business banking

Your choice of custodian banks, will allow customizable business banking tools and equipment that are designed to keep up with you, optimize your operating cash flow and save precious time.

Digital and Mobile capabilities

All of our partnering custodians have state-of-the-art and award-winning digital tools, capabilities and mobile apps that transform and make banking so much easier and more secure than ever before. Access your accounts, move money and protect your information all on the go and from any location in the world. The secure web-based tools and apps make it possible.

Custody services

When you‘re ready to take advantage of institutional-level investment services, we can connect you to our global custody platform through your private banking relationship…

Our Custodians offer our clients a range of accounts in all international currencies
  • Current account
  • Business Account
  • Private account
  • Placement account
  • Custody account
Provide classic banking services listed below
  • Deposit and Cash withdrawals
  • Bank Checks
  • Credit and Debit cards
  • Transfers
  • Revolving credit facilities