Portfolio Management – Investment Solutions

HELMS Wealth Management specialises in managing client portfolio across all Asset Classes. Both private and institutional Clients from various nations take advantage of our portfolio management expertise for investing their assets professionally. Discretion, experience, expertise and first-class quality are integral in everything we do.

HELMS takes pride in the process of investing client assets in order to meet a number of specified or key objectives. These objectives of course will vary from client to client, and therefore the entirety of portfolio management must start with a detailed investment plan to identify client objectives and determine their risk/return profile. Fundamental to an understanding of Investment management is an appreciation of the correlation and relationship of risk and reward.

To determine and appropriately satisfy a Client’s objectives, we take time to ascertain and implement the right strategy, approach and techniques of portfolio construction. It is vital to comprehend the key factors you wish to operate within, so we take time to fully ascertain and take into consideration the following fundamentals:

  • Investment time horizon (duration, period of time etc.)
  • Liquidity Needs
  • Risk Tolerance/aversions
  • Tax Status
  • Other preference or legalities (Citizenship/nationality) or e.g. only ethical and social impact investing
The importance and reasoning for the above information is vital to determine the following three characteristics…
  1. Initial Portfolio Structure – Portfolio direction
  2. Influence and determines the types of adjustments can be made within portfolio
  3. Consequently effects portfolio performance and risk levels

Ultimately, the requirements of clients filter into two main categories which can be defined as; those who seek to maximise their returns (e.g. UHNWI seeks to create portfolio to suit his risk/return preferences), or those who seek for their Investments to match their liabilities (e.g. Fund who aims to align assets and liabilities or minimise mismatches as much as possible). Either way, HELMS Portfolio Managers are able to assist you in identifying and structuring a portfolio tailored specifically for your financial goals and needs.

As well as benefiting from the extensive know-how of our specialists, our clients enjoy and appreciate the personalised advice and service we offer, which is geared towards effective bespoke investment solutions. This is possible due to the nature of organisation at HELMS, we ensure short decision paths, and close working relationships with all of our business partners and network. With a portfolio management mandate, clients rightfully delegate important investment decisions to HELMS specialists, who have client success at the core of their mind.

Investment Advisory Services

For experienced Clients who are more familiar with the workings of the market and wish to direct the overall allocation of their portfolio independently, our Wealth & Asset Management teams, offer direct access to our senior advisors and experts. This allows you to discuss your investment opportunities with our specialists but it is up to you and at your discretion to take the final decision on your investments…

With our Advisory mandate, you get preferential access to our professionals to discuss and analyse various investment opportunities. A team of consultants will be at your disposal to support you in your choices and answer your questions at any stage of time. You can also request analyses of your current portfolio to make it easier to understand and identify the risks involved…

The Advisory mandate also gives you direct access to our execution desk so that you are as close as possible to financial markets. This enables you to get direct prices, explore the market in depth across your investment universe, and access our financial research.

Key Services Include:

  • Create alongside dedicated Advisor a personalized portfolio with a diversified and strategic asset allocation
  • Receive our top investment and extensive market research and recommendations
  • Be advised in all financial decisions by our team of specialists
  • Be fully supported in the performance follow-up as well as in the risk management and mitigation
  • Have a direct access to our Proprietary Trading desk, advance technologies and software for trading securities…