Corporate Finance

At HELMS, we do not only serve Private Client’s and Institutional Funds, but Corporate companies alike. Whatever your capital structure, HELMS is able to offer ample products and services catered and accommodating to your needs. Whether you are fundraising, acquiring, re-structuring or looking to fulfill a short-term investment/project, we can help you at all stages to deliver a fully inclusive service to enable you to meet your ambitions.

We structure corporate deals to enable companies already generating cash flow (mid-late stage) to realize short term projects such as Leveraged Buy-Outs/Management Buy-Outs, the launch new activities and initiatives, bridge financing, Mergers & Acquisition, launch research capabilities or even succession planning etc. We thoroughly analyse and scrutinise business plans, financials, collateral, guarantees and statements, and successfully implement adequate and watertight covenants/triggers to secure the deal, repayments and/or debt servicing until maturity.

Debt Solutions

HELMS is able to provide a vast range of debt facilities and traditional loans via Commercial & Private Banks, Financial Institutions, Long Only Funds, Private Credit Funds, or via Private Bonds. Private Bonds in this case, which we have a great track record of arranging, would have a fixed coupon rate over LIBOR or EURIBOR, and the capital is repayable on an agreed maturity date (generally three to five years). The interest would normally be payable on an annual basis. The bonds are secured through collateral and guarantees. This approach means that it is possible to raise significant amounts of cash without diluting the current shareholders equity in the company. HELMS can advise on a deal’s financial feasibility, structure the bond issue and complete all the necessary paperwork and administrative activities, and liaise with investors and other counterparts involved. Once the bond has been issued, we undertake regular reviews to ensure best practices, sustainability and repayments process validity until maturity.

Equity Solutions

Equity Finance generates capital resources from external investors, with share capital being provided by angel investors and/or venture capitalists, Private Equity firms, Family Offices and other HNW private clients… Our experience allows us to access a diverse range of global capital sources and, in concert with our expertise in underwriting and structuring transactions, to maximize value and transaction terms. Our Services include:

  • Buy and sell-side – transactions focused on maximizing interest in the deal.
  • Fundraising – through our proprietary network of capital partners, mainly consisting of Private Client’s (UHNWI), Family Offices, Institutional Funds, Investment Banks, Private Banks, Venture Capital firms and Private Equity groups.
  • Specialized lending – We are able to procure and offer all types of lending and finance solutions, through our strong relationships with leading Swiss and global financial institutions.

Equity vs Debt:

Equity eliminates the disadvantages of debt but it can, in effect, bring up the WACC (weighted average cost of capital) in the long term, if not rightly balanced or managed. Hence why when we set up an efficient capital structure, we take monthly and quarterly reviews to ensure that the structure is still the best fit for its purpose. It does not divert capital from the business in order to pay down debt, and it also allows business risk to be shared with the entrepreneur/shareholders.