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HELMS invests, partners and works closely with a variety of multi-strategy and multi-asset class Institutional Investors, Family Offices and UHNW clients. HELMS actively takes on customised and tailored advisory, semi-discretionary & discretionary mandates to allocate and invest in Real Estate across sectors.

We have a truly diversified approach when it comes to direct Real Estate investment, investing in real assets across the property spectrum, with a focus on Office, Multi-Family/Residential, Logistics and Industrial sectors . HELMS and its capital partners are predominantly Pan European focused, targeting primary and secondary locations across the major, stable and deep markets of western Europe such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, however often we do also seek tactical opportunities in the United States.

We may invest, advise, structure, proactively manage or co-invest into Real Estate strategically as economic and market conditions change, not only to maximise investor returns, but also to drive, create and inspire positive environmental and social impact both locally and globally through our investments.


Our Investment philosophy on Real Estate is simple, to undertake as little downside risk as possible in the pursuit of the targeted returns agreed with our clients/investors. When we do take on higher risks, (which we believe is a must, to be proactive and productive in investing capital), the objective is then to ensure that we maximise the benefits of absolute returns.

Investment Strategies
  • Core / Core-Plus
  • Value Add
  • Opportunistic

We are intensely focused on the risk/return profile of investments, driven by extensive research, fundamentals and due diligence  and so believe this focus and attention is directly responsible for the firm’s exceptional track record of performance of assisting Clients to allocate capital to strategic investment opportunities (low volatility and high absolute returns) across several market cycles and several years to date.

HELMS builds and manages these diversified portfolios of property investments, which offer stable and strong/consistent income streams that are hedged and rise in line with inflation over the medium to long term, as well as have the capital gain value that likewise grows over time. As such, it provides diversification benefits to our Investors and Clients, as it has a relatively low correlation with other traditional asset classes. It also helps cushion Clients against market and business-cycle volatility.

The type of Real Estate investments we consider include:
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Logistic

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