External Risk Management

Risk as we know, is inseparable from return. Every investment involves some degree and form of risk. Risk however is quantifiable both in absolute and in relative terms. A solid understanding of risk management and an effective mitigation plan in its different forms can help Fund Managers to better understand the opportunities, trade-offs, and costs involved with different investment strategies and approaches.

Managing a fund has become more challenging than ever and core to any Investment decision made is managing its risk. We help you define your risk parameters and allocate accordingly with the right set up. We can offer a third party risk management service covering all aspects of your fund and evaluating all types of risk. We will ensure full monitoring with a professional, reliable and heavily supported view point. HELMS identifies and applies itself to mitigate all types of Operational, financial, idiosyncratic, compliance, legal and reputational risks…. Fund Services aims to remove the burden of operating your own alternative investment fund and is one of few providers that offer a range of tailored and integrated services to support you.

HELMS Risk Management Services Include:
  • You are an investment adviser (not holding an investment management licence in your home member state)
  • You delegate portfolio management to a licensed investment manager (holding a licence in its home member state)
  • You are a licensed investment manager (holding a licence in your home member state)
  • Third Party AIFM: a solution instead of setting up own AIFM
  • Independent Risk management evaluations (independent of portfolio management services)
  • A quick access time to market
  • Skilled and expert professionals with market knowledge and field experience
  • State of the art legal, compliance and regulatory alerts
  • Absence of HR-related concerns
  • Centralised supervision of operations such as central administration, transfer agency, domiciliation and depositary services
Functions performed by HELMS

Portfolio management
Subject to your status/company profile, HELMS will:

  • Appoint you as investment adviser and act as portfolio manager
  • Appoint you or your delegate Investment manager as lead Investment manager and oversee portfolio management to ensure compliance with the investment objective guidelines of your fund.

Risk management
HELMS will always perform various risk management evaluations, which remain independent from its portfolio management services.

We will be responsible for the valuation of the assets of each fund that is managed. HELMS will implement strict and rigorous policies and procedures to ensure an effective and robust valuation governance process, appointing external values if necessary. Valuation of the assets will be performed on both a net asset value frequency basis and a transaction basis, on a weekly and monthly basis.

Due diligence and oversight
HELMS will oversee all functions and processes relating investment management, administration and distribution functions for the fund.