Credit and Lending Solutions

Leverage can play a significant role in facilitating you to reach your financial objectives. That is why we work closely with a variety of Financial Institutions, from leading Private, Commercial and Investment Banks to Family Offices, Asset Managers and other Corporate Lenders, to be able to offer an extensive range of credit options to provide you with the right financing solutions whenever you require it. This could be short or long term liquidity needs, for the purposes of a new acquisitions or even investment opportunity, the bottom line is there is always solution to your unique case. As a true and reliable partner, we offer a tailored solution and a complete understanding of your borrowing needs in the context of your overall portfolio.

Lombard Loans

We provide Lombard loans, which enable our clients to increase their liquidity by pledging financial assets such as stocks or bonds based on their collateral value. This allows them to receive additional capital without having to sell their existing portfolio securities.

Fully Collateralised Letters of Credit – SBLC

We help companies to secure their international trade transactions, by offering trade service products such as guarantees and fully collateralised letters of credit.

Customised and Bespoke Financing Solutions

Thanks to established partners, our network and custodian banks, we are able to provide you with various types of financing solutions in the below Sectors:

  • Real Estate Finance – Commercial and Residential real estate loans
    As an owner, your goal is to maximize the value of your commercial real estate assets. Depending on the location, collateral type and quality of the property you’re financing, we can help identify the type of funding that serves you best.
  • Mortgages
    Our specialist lending institutions are well acquainted with the needs, opportunities and complexity real estate financing can endure. We have the right skills and experience to help you identify the strategy that’s right and tailored for you.
  • Development Loans
    Designed to be used as short term liquidity to finance your real estate development projects, with flexibility on paying back accrued interest upon sale of the asset or a profit share structure…
  • Securities-based lending
    To free up capital for short-term needs and keep your long-term investments working for you using your investment portfolio as collateral for lines of credit…
  • Bespoke customised lending
    Uncommon, big-ticket assets require special lending expertise, whether you’re purchasing them or trying to access their liquidity. We can help you find a strategy that works in the best interest of your overall wealth plan.
  • Trade Finance
    Having supported clients in international trade for decades, we have first hand experience in advising and structuring products, as well as having the backing of world class banking institutions that will provide local support and expert solutions to help you trade efficiently and securely, and expand your trading opportunities with confidence.
  • Aircraft and Private Yacht Financing
    If you’re acquiring an aircraft or a Yacht, or looking to leverage the value of your current one, or portfolio, our Lenders and custodians can help you with the right financing strategy. We offer borrowing solutions that can be customized to address your individual tax, cash flow and aircraft/yacht usage objectives.
  • Life Insurance Premium Financing
    Life insurance is a vital part of Estate planning, but premiums can be extremely high. We offer practical solutions and methods to help you borrow that work in line with your wealth and investment plan.